8 Key Detox Questions and Answers

In my practice I get questions about detoxing all the time. This is especially true at this time of year, when everyone thinks about starting the new year by getting healthy. Below are 8 questions I get all the time.

1: What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates both the normal toxic materials created as a byproduct of metabolism as well as the environmental toxins that are we are exposed to daily. Organs of elimination include: skin, lungs, intestines, liver and kidneys.

2: Why should I do a detoxification process?

The body spends as much energy on eliminating the toxic byproducts of metabolism as it does making energy. With the added load of stress including mental/emotional and environmental (air, water, foods and chemicals) it is not always able to keep up with the job and the toxins end up in an endless recycle or stored in the liver, colon and body fat. High levels of toxicity in the system have been identified as the triggers to chronic disease. Examples include: constipation and colon/breast cancer.

3: What forms of detoxification are safe?

Detoxification can be done on three basic levels by the average person.

* A simple approach to detox that can be done daily and weekly with emphasis on foods, water, exercise and the use of a sauna.
* Colon cleanses can be accomplished using nutritional products that include scouring and absorptive agents.
* Liver cleanses that use a combination of eliminatory diet and nutritional support to facilitate the liver function and rest the system.

4: How often should I detox?

Detoxification can be done by the basically healthy person, depending on the purpose 1-2 times per year. A detox can be done for one day per week, for 2 weeks, as a 21 day process.

5: Will doing a detox affect my daily routine?

If you have indulged a lifetime in fast foods, carbonated beverages and simple carbs, I would suggest that the initial stages of a detox will certainly affect your daily routine and should be timed for days outside of work as there could be a number of symptoms that might occur, depending on the type of detox you do.

6: Who should not detox?

Just about everyone can benefit from detoxification, but, women who are pregnant, any one with health issues or on medication should not do so unsupervised.

7: Is there danger in Mixing Detoxification and medication?

Any nutritional support products used in a detox should be checked for compatibility with medications in use as there are many nutritional/drug interactions.

8: Are there any side affects to detoxification?

As long as a detox is done under supervision and safely, the only side affect is improved health and vitality.

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