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Are You Feeling Ageless?

Are you feeling Ageless?

The first time I realized that my skin, hair, joints and energy were starting to reflect my actual age, I decided that it was time to take self-care seriously.  I realized that I needed to create my personal roadmap in order to have and to feel ageless.  Creating this roadmap would be the only way to ensure my personal outcome.  I have been blessed with good genetics, and body reserves, along with a basically healthy lifestyle, but with each passing decade I have come to realize that I can no longer depend on these elements to fill the gaps.

The big questions?

  • How do I sort through the volumes of information available about self-care and healthy aging?
  • Where do I start?

5 Keys to healthy aging!

After doing my “due diligence” here are my top 5 take always.

  1. Cleaning up diet.
  2. Cleaning up the elimination systems.
  3. Adding the right nutritional support.
  4. Movement, exercise, physical vitality.
  5. Mental Vitality.

Start Here!

First: address the basics.  This subject may feel overworked but we all need refreshers and encouragement to do the fundamentals and then consistently practice those fundamentals.  I live a very busy life and like everyone else I can get a little sloppy.  Letting good habits slip, letting bad habits take the lead.  It is through study, research, and the continued interfacing with the information that keeps me on track day to day and year to year.

Second: every good plan goes from broad generalities to a finely tuned road map.  Each of us is biologically unique.  There may be broad strokes of the basics of any good health program, but for the hard stuff we all need someone trustworthy to filter through our personal health issues and create a plan as unique as we are.

Finally, there is no one path for everyone, there is no “Magic Pill” more importantly, feeling ageless is hard work.  Creating a personal road map, will, therefore, give you the best insurance for achieving the ultimate goal of feeling “ageless” and having a great quality of life.

I look forward to exploring each of these topics as a deep dive over the next few weeks.

I have created my road map, will you?