California Prop. 37

Today I heard my first vote No on Prop 37 for California.

The unabashed “drive popular opinion with fear” is at its best in the radio adds that Monsanto is sponsoring. Body punching to the head, chest and pocket book. They listed a smorgasbord of evils associated with this bill. In fact, based on the add, if there are so many awful repercussions to labeling our foods it makes you wonder how the bill ever made it to the ballet in the first place.

If Monsanto is spending this much money to defeat this bill, you can bet if it passes it is going to cost them a whole lot more.

I am reminded of the struggles on labeling for trans-fats. Which are as pervasively present in our foods as genetically engineered grains. In fact, I would bet the trans-fat foods and the GE foods are in the same box on the grocery shelf. The sky did not fall when the labeling was enforced. There has been no consumer confusion, legal battles, price increased directly related to the labeling and I would be willing to bet, no noticeable swing in consumer habits.

Labeling for Genetic Engineered ingredients will be no different. We cannot let a monster corporation with unlimited funds scare us into voting against our best interest. As consumers we deserve honest, clear labeling of our foods so that we can make good personal choices on the foods we eat, just as we do with any other product or service we buy.

Vote YES on Prop 37 on November 6th.