Detoxification and Cleansing

Maintaining healthy eliminatory pathways is critical to maintaining vibrant health.  Cleansing and detoxing the colon, liver, kidneys, and skin will allow your body to download stored toxins and eliminate them efficiently. After the age of 30 or in cases of auto-immune or environmental sensitivities a detoxification program should be considered once a year. Toxins are any substance that creates irritating or harmful effects in the body. Toxins may undermine our health and stress our organ and biochemical functions.

As your nutritional coach I will:

  • Make a thorough health assessment to determine your specific needs.
  • Sort out the many products and programs available.
  • Provide you the right Detoxification or Cleansing program.
  • Work with you during the program to provide support and modifications if necessary.
  • Save you time and money.
  • Answer all your questions about your Detoxification or Cleansing program.

You Should Know

Safe supervised Detoxing and Cleansing can benefit almost everyone.
There are many approaches to Detoxing and Cleansing.
Detoxing and Cleansing can have a powerful impact on the body.
If not done right, Detoxing and Cleansing can result in illness.
Misinformation on Detoxing and Cleansing is everywhere on the internet.
Consult a physician before undertaking any Detoxing or Cleansing program

Why a Detoxification and Cleansing program?

Our bodies are submitted to a daily deluge of toxins coming through the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat.
The Detoxification mechanisms of our bodies (skin, lungs, kidneys, live, colon) can become congested and unable to perform their normal functions.
Toxins become backed-up in the blood stream, fat cells, and anywhere also the body can pack them away until it has the time and pathways to eliminate the toxins.
Our bodies storage solutions to excess toxins can result in a host of side effects like; weight gain, excessive body odor, bad breath, flatulence, allergies, headaches, foggy head, inability to concentrate, fatigue, sleeping difficulty, nausea, changes in eye sight, …. and many more.

As with our Homeopathic care, your Detoxification and Cleansing consultation will include a thorough nutritional and life style assessment.