Dr. L’s Cold and Flu Rescue Basket

Fill Your Basket With Love

If you or someone you know is coming down with a winter cold or fluyou can prepare a personalized rescue and get well basket. Here are the contents of my personal basket after I caught a cold 2 weeks before an important event that I did not want to miss.

  • Lometra: my herbal tincture with Lomatium root, Astragalus root, and Echinacea. This I took often the first few days because it helped with the throat pain while supporting my immune system.lometra for cold and flu season
  • Immune support: capsules that I took one time per day; this combination included olive leaf extract, oregano oil, and Elderberry among other items.
  • Vitamin C: A good vitamin C with Pepperine (derived from the pepper plant, this helps to increase the absorption of a vitamin).
  • Vitamin A, C, zinc combination: These can be taken individually, and are my old stand-by for mucous membrane health as well as immune support.
  • Colloidal Silver: which I diluted and gargled with 2 times per day.
  • Hot tea: my favorite includes chamomile or rooibos both soothing and supportive.

Alternate your immune support products every four hours or so, drink lots of water and tea. Use homeopathic remedies if you have them available, they really do make a difference.

Each basket should also include patience, a box of Kleenex, water, and a reminder that, “rest is the best medicine.