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Ageless? A Plan- Part 1

My goal of looking and feeling Ageless required a plan. My plan has to be created based on my genetics, health history, current health concerns, and whether or not I am willing to adjust my diet and exercise to reach my ultimate goal of feeling great no matter how old I am.

Key 1: Cleaning up the diet

Every Journey needs a little planning. starting with a little self examination to identify

I know the goal is to eat clean and healthy foods that meet my body needs by reducing: foods that I am sensitive to, foods that cause inflammation, foods high in pesticides and added hormones and other toxins that my liver will have to filter and eliminate, reduce constipation and optimize elimination.

Let’s start by asking a few questions.  Knowing what you are moving towards makes choices and planning much easier. Getting clear on your starting point, challenges, and changes are an important part of any planning and success strategies.

  • What Are my Health Goals?
  • How is my energy from day to day?
  • How is the quality of my sleep?  Do I wake rested?
  • Is weight loss or using a diet in the plan?
  • How do I feel about cooking, how much time do I have to devote to it?
  • Avoiding ” white foods” is obvious, what other foods need to be reduced or eliminated?
  • exercise, am I healthy enough to start, am I willing to fit it into my busy schedule?

Once you have answered these questions you are well on the way to cleaning up your diet.

Let’s Start with an obvious List

  • Avoid anything made with white flour or sugar is a must.
  • Eliminate soda, energy drinks, and sugared drinks.
  • Limit alcohol.
  • Eat organic as much as possible.
  • Explore a variety of fresh, seasonal, and locally grown produce.
  • Know what foods cause: gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, face or ear-flushing,

That last item is the not so obvious place to look at.  If you are eating foods that cause gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, mucus at the back of your throat, or face flushing, it is very likely that the food is an inflammatory food in your system.  Inflammation leads to pain, swelling, and weight gain.

The take away

My goal of looking and feeling Ageless required a plan, by seriously looking at my health, personal challenges, and goals I was able to set up a roadmap and road signs to keep me on the path to success.

Finally, there are a couple of golden rules:

Remember: being committed, clear, realistic, and forgiving of mishaps; the plan becomes the journey to ” looking and feeling ageless.”