A First Aid Guide For Summer

Summer is in full swing and without a doubt there will be sunburns, bee stings, and poison oak. Many  summer time, back yard injuries do not require medical attention but are painful and limiting. Reaching into your homeopathic kit and pulling out a remedy while providing basic first aid techniques that can relieve the pain of a burn, bug bite or the  itch of poison oak can make you the hero of the day.

Here are 5 homeopathic remedies that every first aid kit should include:

  1. Arnica Montana: Arnica is the most commonly used homeopathic remedy. It works on soft tissue, and muscle. It is great for over-exertion muscle soreness, bumps and bruises. Remember always to ice an initial injury where there is swelling and bruising.
  2. Apis Mellifica: This remedy is made from the honey bee and is the go-to for any kind of bug bite that causes stinging pain; redness and hot swelling (just like a bee sting reaction). This does not replace the Epee-pin for the severely allergic but it does work with a normal reaction to bee stings, mosquito bites and any other kind of bug bite that may occur causing the keynote signs listed. Gently remove a bee’s stinger scraping from the skin towards the venom sac to reduce the amount of venom released into the tissue. Ice frequently helps with the swelling and heat. Baking soda or mud applied to the sting site will act as a drawing agent.
  3. Causticum: This remedy is derived from lye and is the first choice of remedies for sunburns or any other first degree burn. It will take the sting of a burn out and speed the healing time of the skin. Aloe Vera pulp, gel, or liquid applied to the burned area will help reduce the pain and speed the healing process.
  4. Ruta Graviolis: Sprains and strains respond great to this remedy, it is for injury to the membrane that covers the bone (the periostium) and joints and the soft tissue connection often have attachments at the bone. Remember the RICE rules for sprains and strains-Rest, Ice, Compression (not to tight) and Elevation.
  5. Rhus Toxiderin: This remedy is made from poison ivy, and works wonders with poison oak. Rhus can be use just before going hiking and upon return when you know you may have been exposed to poison oak. Taking it at first sign of an eruption and repeating until the rash stops spreading and dries up will shorten and reduce the itch and discomfort associated with poison oak. Remember: avoid hot showers (this spreads the oils), washing with something like Tecnu or any other product that will take the oils off the skin and clothing and finally repeat the remedy and topical treatments like Calamine lotion will help dry and relieve the itch.

  Be Safe and Have Fun!