Real Dangers of GMO in Warning of Potential Liver Damage and More

The growing use of GMOs in our food is one of the most important health issues of our time. Yet there is a clear lack of understanding of the potential of the real dangers of genetically modified foods entering the human food chain in a massive way.

This is again illustrated in the warning from scientists in Australia that GMO wheat may cause Glycogen Storage Disease IV, resulting in an enlarged liver, cirrhosis of the liver, and failure to thrive. Children born with this disease usually die at about the age of 5 A frightening story, give the current pervasiveness of GMOs, yet it has been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

GMO seems to be where climate change was a decade ago. One to often gets a collective shrug from far to many people.

This is in part because of the power of the huge food and chemical corporations with a vested interest genetically engineered foods (the very sound of that makes ones skin crawl). It is also in part to the general apathy of a public overwhelmed by pressing issues, often of daily survival. And of course, there is the mainstream media that chooses to ignore the issue.

While the science of this GMOs is complicated, one of the main points of the researches on this study is that the impact of GMOs has not been well studies. That there are real unknown risks because the research has not been done. The research on safety is critically important because we are messing with genes.

As I pointed out in my last blog on Proposition 37 in California, far to often we have been to “Don’t worry it is safe, safe, safe” only to find out no, it is very dangerous. Here we go again.

This is a warning we all need to heed at our own peril.
While the results of the research by these scientists cannot be ignored (it is sound)

In the words of Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury, NZ, “There is strong evidence that siRNAs produced in the wheat will remain in a form that can transmit to humans even when the wheat has been cooked or processed for use in food.

“There is strong evidence that once transmitted, siRNA produced in wheat would have the biological capacity to cause an effect.”

Not mincing words Associate Professor Carman, who worked with Professor Heinemann, put it this way: “… it is clear that there is an obvious risk to animals and humans who eat these GM wheat varieties.”

More simply put: You really are what you eat and it effects you geneticaly.

Image credit: Steve Hurst

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