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Healthy Aging Part 4

Nutrient Deficiencies

The science of healthy aging and nutritional deficiencies are a current topic whether you are 25 and preventing wrinkles or 55 and rebuilding bone.

I will begin this conversation with the “why” and “how” of nutrient deficiencies. Understanding how and why give us the clues to solving health issues as well as aging complaints. For most of us, the bodies chemical nature is a mystery. We are generally unaware of the biochemical events that are keeping our very complex body running in a healthy way. We expect that our physical body will just “work”. What if the body breaks down and we develop an ache, pain, or some other general health complaint? As it happens we take better care of our cars and computers than we do our body.  My goal with this article is to look at preventive nutrition, medication induced nutritional deficiency, and finally age related deficiencies.  This article is designed as an overview. I hope to deep dive on this subject over the months to come.   

The Perfect Start

I will begin with the body and its perfect start. We come into the world with a clean working system pre-primed nutritionally. Thank you mom!  Coming into the world as a natural vaginal birth: our immune system and gut get the jump start on the world from Mom’s healthy microbiom.  Being breast fed, everything that was started at conception is carried forward and reinforced with colostrum and mothers milk. Finally, a healthy, well balanced, organic, low sugar and processed food diet through our formative years is the foundation to a lifetime of health.

What Could Go Wrong?

The most common refrain I hear is, “I don’t understand, I have always been healthy”. Were you a C-section? Were you bottle fed? Did you have chronic ear infections as a toddler and were you treated with antibiotics?  Did you have antibiotics once or twice a year through your youth? What does your family health history look like.  If you can say “yes” to any one of the above questions, you can begin to identify your own nutritional deficiencies and possible health issues.

The Bad News

It is all down Hill from Here!

Our health is a reflection of our genetics, our mother’s health, and our health environment from birth to adult hood. From there the following contributors will influence our health conditions.

  • The environment we live in
  • Our eating habits
  • The health we are born with and the health issues we acquire
  • our stress
  • Sleep or the lack there of
  • Exercise

Again, our health issues do not arrive in a vacuum. Our bodies reflect the cumulative stress from birth to the present moment. Nutritional deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances create an environment for cell injury and death.  The human body is so amazing that it will adapt for awhile. Redirecting proteins and other resources to areas that are stressed or dysfunctional. Eventually the long-term starvation leads to the death of cells, tissues, and organs. Excess will also overload and lead to the break down of tissue. 

Other contributors

  • Excess sugars
  • carbohydrates
  • sodas
  • unhealthy fats
  • food coloring and preservatives

All roads lead to sugar metabolism and metabolic disturbances. Changes with our body chemistry will then lead to obesity, diabetes, inflammation and a whole host of other health issues.

The Good News

The good news is by making changes before disease has taken hold, we can reverse “excesses disorders” such as Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. “Deficiency Disorders” such as autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression and a host of other health issues.  By detoxifying and re-balancing systems like the gut and liver we can in fact reverse tissue death and disease. Following the clues from start to present gives us the path forward to correcting, and rebuilding the body and our health. Healthy aging requires a commitment to all of the elements I have discussed in this series. No one piece is more important than another.

Where do we start?

Whether you are 25 or 75 in 2019, we all must use some supplementation. Research has shown that just taking a multiple vitamin can reduce the risk of many chronic and autoimmune diseases.

  1. A multiple vitamin is the great foundation. A complete compliment of vitamins and minerals that work together to sustain the body. Taking a good quality daily vitamin can make up for those day I just didn’t eat well.
  2. Using an Essential fatty acid or an Omega provides the healthy fat balance for brain, nerves, and hormones.
  3. Vitamin D this hormone like vitamin is essential for healthy bones, teeth, and immune system. As adults, we are often deficient and need to supplement this vitamin.

This small list provides the basics for a healthy body, healthy life. Starting early and being consistent contributes to healthy aging. If you already have health issues or on medication your body will have additional needs. In the next article I will discuss what makes a good vitamin. I will begin the conversation on deficiencies caused by medications and other health concerns related to aging.

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