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Healthy Immune System Tools for Winter

My personal life style goals are to build healthy habits that build a healthy immune system.  Building these habits means I am not required to put any more thought or effort into my immune health. Life is to busy to have to think about how to stay healthy through the winter.  With the change of seasons and the beginning of the holiday season practical tools that can become good habits will help us stay healthy with out further energy or effort.

Here are the 5 I use every day

Hand Washing as a Health Habit

  1. I wash my hands before I eat, when I walk in the house from work or from shopping.  I wash my hands any time I have been out in a public place where I have used door knobs, rails or shopping carts.
  2. Hands on face: Avoid putting your hands on your face this means rubbing your eyes or nose.  This is a difficult habit to break with allergies and environmental sensitivities causing itchy eyes and nose. Setting yourself a little que to catch yourself reaching to rub your eyes or nose will help to break the habit of auto pilot rubbing and break the viral cycle.

Diet and Lifestyle

  1. Hydration:  With weather change we tend to stray from our healthy summer water habits which leads to dehydration and a decrease in immune function.  Remember:  A healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut.
  2. Supplements: I take a multivitamin every day along with immune support supplements.  The holiday season gets busy and we do not eat as well, sleep as well, or take enough personal time.


  1. Oscillococcinum: (pronounced: Aw -sillo-cox-inum)This very hard word to say is part of my little black bag for a healthy winter.  This homeopathic flu prevention that really works, especially if you do not opt into a flu shot.

The tools listed above, plus a good nights sleep, avoiding excess alcohol and sugar intake, and eating a big salad every day will round out your Immune Health for this time of year.

Let me know if you need more information on Oscillococcinum, this homeopathic is a hidden treasure in your arsenal.  Once these tools become habits, staying healthy all year around will not be a full time job!