Healthy Recipes For Busy Mom’s and Dad’s

Going through Chiropractic College in my late teens and early 20’s as a vegetarian and very health conscious, I learned to bake my own bread, and prepare healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for my children and family on a very tight students budget. I was blessed with a deep appreciation for food and a love for beautiful and good tasting meals. As a student, mom who insisted on preparing from scratch everything we ate I learned to be thrifty and efficient. Some challenges remain universal as each generation of parents tries to provide healthy meals for their families with an everchanging enviroment and a growing list of foods we probably should not eat.

The demand for meal planning and healthy snacks has been driven by my patient’s need to eliminate wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and other allergenic foods from their diet in order to be healthy. Feeding families with these restrictions creates a challenge for both adept cooks as well as beginners. My focus has been to simplify this process and make eating healthy accessable to those who choose to embark upon this journey.

 In the coming weeks I will post recipes, tips and meal planning ideas for you and your family. I will begin with my pantry list which is a basic plan that can be printed and expanded on based on your indivdual needs and tastes.

In Julia Childs words “Bon Appetite”

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