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5 Tips For a Healthy Summer

Healthy Summer Healthy Life!

Work, home, children…Life! Survival frequently means living life at a faster pace than our personal biorhythms can maintain over the long haul. Left unchecked, we create the optimal environment for disease to set up housekeeping in OUR bodies. We do have options and choices. For most of us health and a healthy lifestyle is achieved through the little things we do on a daily basis.

Here are 5 easy tips for your health.

  1. Adequate sleep, we are a nation of sleep deprived adult, summer aggravates this issue with the long days and even busier days. Remember our bodies regenerate during the sleep cycle.
  2. Eating healthfully, treating your body like a temple and giving it only good health nutrition in the form of health, whole foods gives the body maintenance mechanism all the tools necessary to repair on a daily basis. Our fabulous local Farmers Market makes this aspect of eating easy and fun.
  3. Good Vitamins, include a good quality, food based vitamin and mineral supplement. Our lifestyles create added demand on the body, which we may not be able to supply solely on the foods, we eat. (See your physician for recommendations.)
  4. Water is the staff of life. At least 8 8ounce glasses each day. You should start the day with a large glass and end the day with a large glass. If you exercise hard or work in a job where you perspire heavily you will need to drink more. Remember that if you think you are hungry, you may want to have a glass of water first, our bodies have learned that if it gives a thirst signal we may ignore but if it tells us we are hungry, we respond by feeding it.
  5. Exercise, offers mental health as well as physical health. Choose something you enjoy. If you do not have time to get to a gym or belong to a team. Spend 10-20 minutes a day walking (walk while you eat your healthy lunch) and stretch first thing in the morning for 5 minutes. Remember, a 20 minute walk after dinner will extend your calorie burn for the day and burn those high glycemic dinner calories.
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