Traditional and Alternative Laboratory testing

Sometimes in searching beyond the traditional medical practices to discover the cause of a disease it is necessary to order tests not offered by national laboratories. I use CLIA approved, federally inspected labs across the country to provide detailed information on genetic variability, hormone evaluation profiles, stool studies, energy profiles of the Mitochondria and much more.

These detailed tests show us where in the biochemistry the problems may be stemming from. These detailed labs are often covered by most insurance to a large degree. When they are not covered, we discuss with the patient as to the absolute need for the information balanced against cost.  These special labs come in kits given to the patient here at the clinic. Most of the time the patient takes the kit home, follows the collection directions and has Fed Ex pick it up for processing at the lab. The findings are then sent to the doctor so she can go over what the results mean with you.

Labs We Use

Traditional Labs

Patients often bring labs their primary care doctors have run as a part of annual health screenings. We can also request additional labs to complete a health picture if necessary.

SpectraCell Laboratories

spectracell labs

  • Micronutrient Testing: Are you taking too many supplements? Not enough? Nutritional status is a vital foundation of health and performance. SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of nutritional status. Unlike traditional serum, hair and urine tests, SpectraCell’s tests evaluate how an individual’s white blood cells respond to varied environments of over 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. As a result, individual differences in metabolism, age, genetics, health, prescription drug usage, absorption rate or other factors are taken into consideration.
  • Telomere Testing: SpectraCell’s Telomere Test is the window to your true cellular age. This advanced test measures the length of your telomeres – the end caps of your DNA. Studies have shown a direct link to telomere length, cardiovascular health and the aging process.
  • LipoProtein Particle Profile™(LPP™): Standard cholesterol Testing Is Not Enough

Research shows that the lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself, are responsible for inducing atherosclerotic plaque production and accelerating cardiovascular disease progression. In fact, about 50% of heart attack sufferers had normal HDL and/or LDL cholesterol test results. For a complete cardiovascular risk assessment, get SpectraCell’s LipoProtein Particle Profile™(LPP™)

  • Telomere Testing: SpectraCell’s Telomere Test is the window to your true cellular age. This advanced test measures the length of your telomeres – the end caps of your DNA. Studies have shown a direct link to telomere length, cardiovascular health and the aging process.
  • ApoE Genotyping: Is your cardiovascular treatment strategy best for your specific genetic composition? This test determines an individual’s genetic risk associated with the Apolipoprotein E gene. The results of the genotyping of Apolipoprotein E have important implications in the treatment strategies for individual patients in reducing cardiovascular disease risk.
  • MTHFR Genotyping: Determines an individual’s genetic risk associated with the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) gene.


Genova Diagnostics


About Genova Diagnostics

Genova Diagnostics is a specialty clinical laboratory, pioneering a systems approach that supports healthcare providers in the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease.


Professional Co-op

Phone: 866.999.4041

Professional Co-op has a clear mission in laboratory testing and we have staunchly adhered to it. We do not engage in, nor do we benefit from the sale of any type of remedy for issues that arise from laboratory testing. That, we feel, would be a blatant conflict of interest. We do, however, work in harmony with some of our countries best nutritional companies, and our motto, “Service with Integrity since 2001” is what we live by. We look forward to continuing our tradition for many years to come as we realize our vision of making affordable lab testing available to all Americans through their personal physicians.

LabCorp Reference Links

LabCorp Service Center/Draw Station Locator

You all have a list of local draw stations, but sometimes you may have a patient outside that area. You can always call PCS, but now you can go directly to the Internet if that’s more convenient and find the draw station nearest the patient’s home.

After going to the site, just click where it tells you to – “Click Here”, then type in the appropriate zip code to get a list of nearby locations. You can set the miles to any distance preferred.


Cyrex Laboratories

Cyrex Labs is an advanced clinical laboratory focusing on mucosal, cellular, and humoral immunology and specializing in antibody arrays for complex thyroid, gluten, and other food-associated autoimmunities and related neurodysregulation. Cyrex’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of experts from a variety of medical and research disciplines, brings together the latest findings from medical research and the assessment needs of today’s healthcare professionals. Out of this collaboration, Cyrex develops the next generation of clinical lab testing that is required to care for present-day complex maladies.

Cyrex adheres to and surpasses the highest standards of clinical laboratory testing worldwide. A Cyrex-designed quality control criterion called The Double Assurance System (QC2™) is the standard operating procedure at Cyrex Laboratories. In fact, Cyrex’s proprietary QC2™ method enhances the reproducibility, specificity, and sensitivity of all Cyrex arrays. Only Cyrex tests contain the accuracy enhancements provided by The Double Assurance System.

Clients of Cyrex Laboratories can take advantage of educational opportunities to obtain the latest and the best clinical information through professionally accredited classes, lectures, webinars, and published articles. Cyrex also sponsors informative public lectures on the advancements in healthcare and assessments now available through laboratory testing.



Non-Invasive. Convenient. Precise.

Founded in 1987, Diagnos-Techs™ is a pioneer and leader in saliva-based testing. Our commitment to assisting healthcare professionals in restoring patients’ health and wellness is unsurpassed with over 1.2 million specimens tested per year. Saliva testing is a powerful tool for evaluating stress, hormone-related disease and health conditions, especially over time. Diagnos-Techs™ continually improves and refines its laboratory testing standards, using cutting-edge technology and methods