How can I use homeopathy for my pet?

drl-horse-health-careWe recommend homeopathy for minor conditions like sore muscles, occasional diarrhea, stress, itching skin, etc.. For chronic or serious disease we recommend that you consult a homeopathic vet to evaluate your pet’s condition. A general rule is that any symptoms that persist for more than 3 or 4 days with no improvement should be brought to your vet’s attention. Always see your vet right away if your dog or cat suddenly stops eating, drinking or seems lethargic.

To sum up: Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works without side effects to gently stimulate your pets body to heal itself. Conventional medicine simply defines health as a lack of symptoms. (If we make the itching skin go away your dog is healthy) Homeopathy defines health as the lack of disease. (If we get rid of the source of your dog’s itchy skin, the skin will clear up on its own).

How does a homeopathic vet view disease?

A homeopath looks at the whole dog or cat rather than the disease. The vet will view the symptoms as the animal’s individual way of expressing an imbalance or disease. The symptoms are actually your dog or cats way of healing itself. Symptoms are never suppressed in homeopathy. The symptoms are not the disease. For example, the symptoms of itching red skin are not viewed as a ‘skin disease’ but rather a manifestation of a deeper chronic illness. All of your pet’s symptoms are taken into account and the whole dog is treated as an individual. Because of this individual approach two dogs may receive 2 different remedies for a ‘skin rash’. This is a true holistic approach.