5 Basic Rules For a Safe Cleanse

Safe Cleansing

  1. Increase your water consumption: The rule of thumb is, take your body weight divide it in ½ and convert it to ounces. This is the amount of water you should be consuming to maintain healthy hydration and flushing the system.
  2. Eliminate Foods: The top 5 are
    • Sugar
    • Alcohol
    • Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy
    • Meats, processed
    • Packaged food, or fast food.
  3. Colon Cleanse: Start by getting your bowels and elimination in order.
  4. Liver cleanses: This is the last phase of a cleanse, and should only be done when the above list is being practiced.
  5. Products: Use good quality products under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. Seek medical advice before starting a cleanse if you suffer from any health issues.