Top 5 Preventive Screening Tests for Women

Hitting 40 is a great time to establish a baseline for your health.  As women, we begin seeing the signs of health changes sometime around 40. Our hormonal changes can begin as early as 38-42. High stress lifestyles can push hormones into perimenopause ranges much earlier than we would like causing unexplained fatigue, irritability, sleep changes, anxiety, constipation, memory issues and weight gain. The following screening tests are considered preventive, and should be done regularly so that changes are picked up early for treatment purposes.

  1. A Pap smear
  2. Breast exam
  3. Fasting glucose and lipid panel
  4. Thyroid panel
  5. Colonoscopy

Remember: There is an economic value to taking preventive care of your health. As women the demands of our busy, multifaceted lives are best served if we are at our best. Experiencing any one or combination of the symptoms I have mentioned means your body is working hard to compensate for a compromised state of health which leads to bigger more difficult health issue to conquer.

Most of these screenings are now available with no out of pocket expense through your health insurance or if you do not have insurance, try Planned Parenthood which offers some of these screening.

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