Support Prop 37 GMO Labeling in California

In what is sure to be a hard fight, California may be the first state to implement mandatory GMO labeling through the 2012 California Ballot Initiative process.

The initiative comes after decades fighting U.S. food companies to let consumers know when their products are made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Polls show over 80% of those polled supported mandatory labeling.

It just seems right that consumers should know if they are getting GMO food.

Of course, food companies and Monsanto will spend millions to keep the widespread use of genetically modified ingrediates in foods.
It is reported that the food companies and thier allies have raised over $25 million to keep what they are selling people to eat a secret.

Consumers should have the choice

We are told that GMO is safe. Isn’t that always the case. The company scientists are trotted out to assure everyone that products are safe . Lets see, I am reminded of wonderfully safe products like:

1: Cigarets
2: Vaccines
3: A host of drugs
4: Numerous medical procedures
5: Fluoride in the water
6: One might generally say”The Water”.
7: How about good old Mercury based anything

The list goes on.

Safety of GMOs Very Uncertain

The fact is there is a growing body of research pointing to problems with genetic engineering of our food.

Most Americans do not know that major GMO crops like corn, soybeans, and canola are standard ingredients for years in every type of packaged food. Including very popular items like breakfast cereals and chips, and things like soups.

Supporting Prop 37 ion California if important for every consumer

If you are inclined there are many groups active in the fight against secret GMOs in our food. The Organic Consumers Association and Millions Against Monsanto are working with the Occupy Monsanto network to organize protests and direct action at Monsanto facilities during the September 17th Global Week of Action Against Monsanto. Click Here for more information.

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