Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands

As I thought about my first blog, the basics seemed a good place to start.

This year there has been a great deal of focus on health care. As a health care practitioner I think there is no more important place to put ones energy than in to taking care of your health. For the past 50 years we have been fast tract to convenience by the large food manufacturer and the advertising agencies that promote their products, all concerned looking for financial gain. On a daily basis I remind people that all businesses have one mission-to make a profit. Too often we believe what the advertising company wants us to believe in order to sell a product.

I challenge you to question authority remembering that the companies who make and sell boxed foods are self appointed experts in your health.

I do not believe good health is complicated or particularly difficult; it requires mindfulness and responsibility.
Responsibility to be: Your own advocates, listen to your body, and do the basic common sense elements to health.

Mindfulness that: health is a journey and we each walk a unique path to health.

By taking responsibility for our personal health we connect with and influence a much broader scope as we touch the world by being healthy we affect the broader community health starting with home and family, to workplace, to community and finally the world and environment.

Lofty goals are achieved one small step at a time, set your health intention today.

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Dr L

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