Vaccines: Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

As the school year gets underway, I am again, meeting the questions on “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate”. I most certainly cannot give you advise on this subject, but I would like to share my views on the subject and perhaps another reason for careful consideration before vaccinating your child. I believe that science is proving mother nature will eventually out smart the scientists.

A recent NPR article discussed the use of herbicides on our GMO crops in the united states. The genetically modified corn, wheat and soy are herbicide resistant and farmers are able to keep their fields weed free by blanket spraying the crop and only killing the weeds. In a very short period of time (one farmer expressed a 5 year time frame) the weeds have adapted and the herbicide is no longer effective and the farmers are watching their crops strangle in weeds.

We are performing a similar act of genetic engineering on the body every time we introduce a vaccine into our body in an effort to preset a chemical response to an unwelcome pathogen such as a virus. When the virus meets the altered chemistry of the host (your body) it simply adapts it genetic coding perhaps only changing a chemical sequence to which our body may or may not have ever been exposed resulting in the “flu” despite the vaccine.

In the case of the farmers, the chemical companies are continually looking at new more deadly herbicides (most recently a component of agent orange called 2,4, DHP) and once again genetically modifying the plants (the foods we eat) to allow this “modern” farming practice of blanket spraying to continue. In the case of medical science they are looking for a vaccine for everything from the common cold to cancer. The number of vaccines recommend from birth to death has gone from 10-12, 50 years ago to somewhere in the 60’s for a new born today.

At what point do we say ENOUGH with the genetic engineering!

Mother Nature has her own, very successful approach to the process. In the human body, we are exposed to pathogens “bugs” from the time we are in utero (through our mothers blood) until the day we die. Breast feeding passes the antibodies the mother has built on to her newborn creating a foundation of immunity the little one will have to build his/her own immunity. When the body is exposed naturally  the ever building immune response creates an ever strong defense against the world. The plant world works the same way.

Specialist in the farming industry are recommending that farmers go back to good farming practices to manage the weeds in the fields instead of using more and more toxic chemicals on the foods that animals and humans eat.

Humans too should look at good health practices and building a normal healthy immune system through the foods they eat, a balanced lifestyle and good common sense approaches to health.

As I look around me, I question the intelligence of messing with mother nature to much because in the end, she will probably have the last word.

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