Good health is a journey not a destination

We all know there are many diet plans on the market. Many diets have their own valid core elements to weight loss and better health. However, the problem with all diets is that the diets are frequently so restrictive that even though you may lose weight, that weight is quickly regained once the dieter goes back to a “normal” diet. Individually, we are each faced with the diet dilemma. How do we figure out the best diet and nutritional program for us?weight-management

Also, any good diet program should include supplementation to ensure we are maintaining healthy levels of vitamins and minerals while we diet.

To develop your personal diet and nutritional plan I will:

  • Clearly determine your personal weight management goals and needs.
  • Take a thorough health history, nutritional and lifestyle assessment.
  • Do your personal Metabolic Profile to identify your unique biochemical make-up.
  • Create a weight management plan to meet your specific needs based upon the thorough assessment above.

A quick review of the key practical aspects to diet and nutrition will bring us to the right diet answer for you.

  • 1. We are all biochemically unique, with different genetically inherited nutritional requirements
  • 2. There are foods that are not so good for every one (refined sugars, processed grains, refined or partially hydrogenated oils, deep fried foods, chemical additives etc.)
  • 3. There are good foods that are good for you, but there are also good foods that are not so good for you.
  • 4. Based on our genetically predetermined and acquired biochemical differences even good foods can cause allergic reactions in the body, which lead to secondary disease.
  • 5. Diet and nutrition that is not based on the individuals unique physiologic needs, will only give a temporary change in weight and health.
  • 6. When it comes to diet and nutrition, human nature is made up of something like 2/3 habits, and 1/3 discipline.
  • 7. Creating good habits will be more successful than good discipline.

In summery, the keys to balanced and appropriate diet, nutrition and weight depend on understanding your unique biochemical structure, identifying possible food and environmental allergies, the foods that are “good for you”, and finally creating good habits in diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Enjoy The Journey